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Your better body NOW… and later

Dr. Shannyn Pearce, D.C.

Your better body  NOWHow many diets have you started? How many have you stopped? We all want to look better, feel better, and improve our health. Fast-acting diets may shed pounds initially, but the scale creeps back up when we don’t know how to maintain. Long-term lifestyle changes are often better for us, but when results are slow to show up, we are quick to give up.

Rêve Body Sculpting recognizes these challenges and offers clients a combination of immediate results and an education in overall health. Rêve’s Lipo-Light process targets and sculpts problem areas of the body, quickly reducing inches and pounds. For long-term improvements, Rêve offers consultation in nutrition, detox, exercise, and stress management that gives clients the tools needed to take control of their health.

Leading the Rêve team is Dr. Shannyn Pearce, D.C., whose life-long passion is to help people transform the way they feel, from the inside out. She explains, “We have helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds, but our biggest passion is equipping them with the tools to make lifestyle changes and MAINTAIN their results.”

Lipo-Light is a powerful addition to the already highly effective nutrition and detox principles established by Dr. Shannyn. “With Lipo-Light, we can get people to their goal weight and dream body a whole lot faster,” she said. The process offers fast results without the discomfort, expense or risk involved in invasive procedures such as surgical liposuction.

Lipo-Light harnesses the power of light to reduce the size of fat cells and help clients lose inches and pounds. “At specific frequencies, coherence and power settings, fat cells absorb the electromagnetic energy from the light,” Dr. Shannyn explained. “When enough energy is absorbed, temporary pores form on the surface of the fat cells. Water, glycerol and free fatty acids leak out of these pores and are carried away through the body’s natural cleansing system.” The process is similar to what occurs when one exercises, except that the light can be targeted to specific problem areas.

Lipo-Light treatment results in smaller fat cells, inches lost, fat loss and often a reduction in the appearance of cellulite. “Clients see results as soon as the first session”, Dr. Shannyn said. Often, this helps them get back on track with their weight loss and health goals.

Having taught natural health for over nine years, Dr. Shannyn travels the country to research the latest developments in health and wellness. Her diet and exercise principles include the prevention of inflammation in the body, the effects of which have become of particular interest to researchers.

“What many people don’t understand about weight loss is that it often has more to do with hormones, inflammation and toxicity than it does with calories”, Dr. Shannyn explained. “Especially if you have trouble losing weight with diet and exercise or you tend to hit a plateau with your results.” Dr. Shannyn and her team at Rêve Body Sculpting target all of the underlying causes of fat accumulation in order to get maximum results in minimal time, while providing guidance for improved health in the long-term.

Rêve Body Sculpting can help just about anyone – from the person looking to sculpt just a few areas to the individual who is 20 pounds or more overweight. During the first visit, Dr. Shannyn talks with the client about problem areas. “We will talk about your goals, how many inches you want to lose and in what areas. We take measurements and perform a body fat analysis,” she said. Once goals have been set, Dr. Shannyn will develop a customized plan to achieve those goals.

When it comes to improving our health, nothing motivates quite like results you can see and feel today.

Want to learn more?
Getting started is easy and results are fast. Call Reve Body Sculpting at (859) 219-0626, visit, or stop by 3650 Boston Road, Suite 188, Lexington.

“I have lost over 7 inches! This is unbelievable. I researched this therapy and was so ready to try it. This has been very helpful and energizing!”
-Shawn C.

“After just 4 sessions, I am ecstatic with the inches already lost from my midriff and especially with the 5 pounds I lost in two weeks. These results have motivated me to step up my pursuit of better health.”
-Billie D.

“Oh my goodness! After one treatment I could not believe that I had lost 3 1/2 inches around my belly! This process is totally worth the 30 minutes it takes!! Paired with the detox and a little extra exercise I can’t wait to see my results after my 12 treatments! Thank you Dr. Shannyn for helping me reach my goal of being confident in my body again!!”
-Amanda M.

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