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Thinking About Spring Break, Beaches and Bathing Suits?

Thinking About Spring Break, Beaches and Bathing Suits? Of course you are! Who doesn’t want to look their very best on the beach, on date night, on a cruise? We all know that looking and feeling fit takes a lot of work. Trips to the gym, watching what you eat, taking care of yourself.

It’s not something that can happen overnight. But there are ways to jump start your progress: Reve Body Sculpting. Reve can help you achieve your dreams, in a comfortable, safe and affordable way. Our non-invasive program offers a combination of immediate results and long-term success, informed with knowledge and personalized support.

Lipo-Light treatment from Reve targets and sculpts problem areas of the body, quickly reducing inches and pounds. For long-term improvements, Reve offers consultation in nutrition, detox, exercise and stress management.

Leading the Reve team is Dr. Shannyn Pearce, D.C., whose life-long passion is to help people transform the way they feel, from the inside out. “We have helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds, but our biggest passion is equipping them with the tools to make lifestyle changes and MAINTAIN their results,” Dr. Shannyn explained.

“What many people don’t understand about weight loss is that it often has more to do with hormones, inflammation and toxicity than it does with calories,” she said, “especially if you have trouble losing weight with diet and exercise or you tend to hit a plateau with your results.”

Dr. Shannyn and her team at Reve Body Sculpting target the underlying causes of fat accumulation to achieve maximum results in minimal time, while providing guidance for improved health in the long-term.

Reve Body Sculpting can help just about anyone – from the person looking to sculpt just a few areas to the individual who is 20 pounds or more overweight.

During the first visit, Dr. Shannyn talks with the client about problem areas, the goals the client wants to achieve and in what areas. Measurements and body fat analysis will be performed. “I think it’s very important we work together to establish goals,” Dr. Shannyn said. “We know people are more likely to achieve goals when they are involved in setting them and they address issues that are truly important to them. That’s one reason people who are trying to lose weight or become fit to please someone else often fail.”

Once the goals have been set, Dr. Shannyn will develop a customized plan to achieve those goals.

When it comes to improving our health, nothing motivates quite like results you can see and feel today. Reve Body Sculpting teaches clients the root cause of weight gain to support quick and sustainable results. Reve Body Sculpting offers metabolic testing to look for specific hormone imbalances, vitamin deficiencies, and toxic exposure that might be creating weight gain or causing an inability to lose weight.

If spring break is in your future, or if you just want to get started – now – on your journey to a healthier, fitter body, give us a call. The time to start is now. Call Reve Body Sculpting at (859) 219-0626, or visit


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