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The Bluegrass Salt Room Celebrates 5 Years!

The Bluegrass Salt Room  Celebrates 5 Years!Thank you to the Lexington and surrounding areas for your support over our first 5 years. It has been a pleasure serving and providing a safe, all-natural breathing therapy to you and your loved ones!

Every year through research, clinical studies, and client testimonials, we are learning more and more about the amazing benefits and long-term relief Salt Therapy can provide on the respiratory system. Salt therapy is a 100% drug-free, effective, natural therapy for allergies, asthma, sinusitis, ear infections, as well as, other respiratory and skin conditions that people of all ages can safely enjoy!

What is a Salt Therapy Room?
During each 45-minute session inside the Salt Room, you will find yourself surrounded by 15,000 pounds of beautiful Pink Himalayan Salt that covers the walls and floor. Our Salt Room is fully equipped with a dry salt aerosol generator and monitoring salt sensor. This system is used to grind and disperse salt, in controlled particle sizes and concentration levels, into the air for inhalation. These controlled parameters allow for an optimal balance of effectiveness and safety in the delivery of ultra-fine, dry salt micro-particles. The inhalation of salt with each relaxing breath you take can penetrate to the deepest parts of the lungs, open airways, break up mucus, absorb excess moisture, calm an agitated respiratory tract, as well as, destroy fungus and bacteria in the mucosal lining and on the skin, to help you breathe easier and feel better. You can take off your shoes if you like, relax in a zero-gravity lounger, and listen to serene background music while you unwind and relax in the salt room.

Salt Therapy Benefits:
. Asthma
. Allergies
. Sinusitis
. Ear infections
. Bronchitis
. Colds
. Psoriasis
. Eczema
. Immune support
. Relaxation, stress relief, and more!

With the increase of today’s environmental pollution and irritants, the importance of sinus and respiratory health is rising. For more information on how to incorporate salt’s natural anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties into your health routine this year please call us at (859) 425-1111 or visit our website at

If you are looking for a unique gift idea, come visit our store. We offer many salt items, including salt lamps in a variety of shapes and sizes, Himalayan Pink Salt, bath salts, tea light candleholders, salt cooking slabs, and more. Gift certificates are available.

About the author
Tiffany Richir has her bachelor degree from Stetson University in Integrative Health Science. She first got involved with salt therapy in 2008 as the manager of the Salt Cave in Naples, FL.

After 5 years of helping clients receive long term benefits from salt therapy she was inspired to start her own. The Bluegrass Salt Room opened in November 2014.

We are conveniently located in Brannon Crossing
239 E. Brannon Rd.
Nicholasville, KY 40356

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