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Run well / Eat well: my top 4 breakfast choices 

Kellie McKinney, MS | Healthy Lifestyle columnist | Co-Founder of Two Nutrition Nuts

You know that in order to have the energy to run well – you need to eat breakfast.

Run well / Eat wellA good breakfast provides complex carbohydrates for sustained and lasting energy, some simple sugars for immediate and quick energy, some protein and some healthy fat. Here’s my top four options for you:

1. Oatmeal
Oatmeal is one of the best breakfasts out there. Try adding fruit and nuts to your next bowl for an extra nutritious kick!

2. Granola
Granola is basically oatmeal that’s been baked with some dried fruits, nuts and spices. Quick and easy when on the go. Pair the creamy texture of yogurt with the crunchy granola for a quick healthy breakfast option.

3. Smoothie
For those of you who think there is just no possible way you could eat breakfast in the morning – You can. Say hello to the smoothie! It’s wonderfully easy to digest, no chewing required – just drink and go. You can make it light (just fruit) or you can make it fancy and more substantial (add nut butters, yogurt, greens).

4. Toast
I recommend using Ezekiel sprouted grains bread (usually found in freezer section) or looking for bread where the ingredient list is short and sweet. As in 3 or 4 ingredients – 100% whole grain ! If the ingredient list includes sugar or anything you can’t pronounce, don’t buy. Serve your toast spread with natural almond butter and a sliced banana. Mmmm……

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