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Regency leverages technology to strengthen human connections

Regency leverages technology to  strengthen human connectionsStaying connected. Feeling you’re a part of something – a family, a place, an ideal – is an important part of the human experience, regardless of your age or health.

Finding ways to connect people, children with grandparents, fathers with daughters, sisters with each other, is an important part of what a great long-term care center does. After all, the facility isn’t just caring for the person in residence – it’s caring for the entire family.

Regency Memory Care, a brand-new care facility in Mount Sterling, Ky., is leveraging modern technology and the compassion and concern of its staff to help ensure residents and their families remain connected and involved with each other and the world.

Residents can connect to the outside world through traditional means, including face-to-face interactions with Regency staff, visits from friends and relatives, reading newspapers, watching TV, listening to radio and, of course, through the U.S. Mail. Because Regency Memory Care provides free, accessible wi-fi access throughout the facility, residents can take advantage of newer communications technologies, including Facebook and other social media platforms, websites and email. A special Skype room allows residents to connect via videoconferencing with family members and friends anywhere in the world, seamlessly and without charge.

Communication technology is truly a bridge between Regency residents and the rest of the world, with the possibilities for interaction, connection and communication as deep and as broad as the internet itself.

The ability to Skype with family members allows residents to visit with their children, grandchildren, other family members and friends and be a part of their lives. Regency residents can have a presence in their families’ lives, from the comfort and safety of the facility.

For many families, there is a lot of angst associated with placing a loved one in a care facility, especially when family members live hundreds of miles away or must travel extensively for business. Making that actual, physical visit can be impossible. But with Skype, families can visit as often as they like, for as long as they like.

Staying connected is about more than just small talk. Researchers have found when seniors are able to connect online with those who matter to them, they experience fewer episodes of loneliness and depression; have better overall cognitive functioning; enjoy better physical health; and have a greater sense of well-being.

Regency staff members love being able to offer the service to their residents and families because it can make such a huge impact in everyone’s lives.

Regency provides the equipment, technical assistance and support needed to make Skype work, but residents are able to visit privately during Skype sessions, just as they would if the family member were physically present.

Regency Memory Care staff members are proud to offer advanced communication technologies to residents, but technology is only a part of the story. Regency staff develop close, caring relationships with each resident and provide the type of loving care one would only expect to find in a home setting.

To learn more about the highly individualized care provided to every resident at Regency, visit the website at RCMemoryCare.com. Or, better yet, call Regency at (859) 398-8875 to schedule a visit.

Regency Memory Care is located at 130 Mount Sterling Way in Mount Sterling, Ky.

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