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Not All Choices Are Equal in Medical Imaging

Not All Choices Are Equal in  Medical ImagingWhen it is time for an imaging study – CT scan, MRI, ultrasound – many patients simply “go with the flow” because they think they have no choice. Or that all choices are equal.

Nothing could be further from the truth!
Lexington Diagnostic Center, located on Harrodsburg Road in Lexington, offers patients outstanding personal care, superior quality … and affordable pricing.

Board-certified radiologist Jason Harris, M.D., who owns Lexington Diagnostic Center, is in the center every day reading every image and communicating results with referring physicians within 72 hours of the exam. All exams are performed by experienced, certified technical staff who maintain a laser-like focus on the patient and family. Further, LDC offers next to the door parking, state of the art equipment, and the ability for patients to walk out of the center on the day of the exam knowing everything is taken care of.

Diagnostic imaging is the sole purpose of Lexington Diagnostic Center. This commitment to imaging allows LDC to schedule patients quickly, conduct tests efficiently, provide outstanding quality and reporting, and do it all at a cost significantly less than what patients might pay elsewhere.

Imaging studies performed at LDC are readily available to the referring physician and can easily be compared to prior studies through LDC’s advanced Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS). PACS allows referring physicians to access LDC reports and studies from their own computers, or even from the surgery suite in the hospital.

Every LDC patient leaves the center on the day of their test with a disk that contains all of the views of their study. These can be taken directly to the doctor’s office for review, if the patient chooses, or just retained for their personal records. Referring physicians always have access to the images through the PACS system.

Should it be necessary for the radiologist to compare current images with ones obtained somewhere else in the past, LDC makes it simple: A courier runs between LDC and all area facilities daily, picking up studies and bringing them to LDC. All at no cost to the patient or their insurance.

Additionally, patients are able to access studies performed at LDC through the center’s secure patient portal. Patients can look at their images, read the radiologist’s findings, and even print them out if they desire. This gives patients an unprecedented ability to be involved in their care, to look up medical terminology and to ask informed questions of the referring provider. It’s one advantage that many LDC patients really appreciate.

Another important distinction between LDC and other facilities is how easy it is to get testing done. The Center has hours in the early evening and on Saturdays. Scheduling is quick and there’s never a long wait at the Center on the day of testing. There are no long waits caused by emergency cases bumping the schedule.

One of the most important considerations for patients receiving care anywhere is cost. Patients at Lexington Diagnostic Center have peace of mind knowing exactly how much their imaging study will cost and what their out-of-pocket costs will be. Most patients will save hundreds of dollars by choosing to have their MRIs, CTs and other tests performed at LDC instead of the local hospital.

Hospitals typically have a lot of overhead to cover: parking garages, laundry, the cafeteria. All of these expenses get rolled up into every patient’s bill. LDC has none of those expenses, so the costs are lower.

Price transparency is an important part of the Lexington Diagnostic Center philosophy. How much things cost, and how much they will have to pay, is important to patients. LDC works directly with the patient and his/her insurance to determine all out-of-pocket costs before testing is performed.

At LDC, patients never have to worry about getting a bill they didn’t expect 30 or 60 days later. And LDC’s fees are all-inclusive: There is no bill for the facility and a separate bill for the professional component. It’s all in there.

Next time your doctor says “imaging,” speak up and say “Lexington Diagnostic Center, please.” It’s your right to choose … and many insurance companies prefer LDC too!

Lexington Diagnostic Center is conveniently located at 1725 Harrodsburg Road, Suite 100, Lexington. To schedule a test call 859-278-7226 or go to their website at www.LexingtonDiagnostic.com.

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