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National Thyroid Awareness Month

The Real Reason Thyroid Disorders are Greatly Underdiagnosed – A Proper Diagnosis is Critical

National Thyroid Awareness Month Twenty million Americans have thyroid conditions and unfortunately, many individuals are suffering from it undiagnosed. The doctors at Millpond see numerous patients with these disorders, and they always run comprehensive panels to garner a proper and precise diagnosis.

The thyroid is a tiny butterfly-shaped gland. The gland produces two primary hormones, T3 (triiodothyronine), and T4 (thyroxine); along with these two main hormones, the thyroid also makes four others that can cause issues if out of balance. There are many forms of thyroid disorders are, like Hashimoto’s disease, Grave’s Disease, and Hyper and Hypothyroidism, to name a few.
Hypothyroidism Symptoms:
• Tendency to be cold
• Dry itchy skin
• Swollen eyes
• Forgetfulness
• Lack of concentration
• Lack of appetite

Hyperthyroidism Symptoms:
• Overactive appetite
• Fatigue
• Anxiety
• Nausea
• Lack of concentrate
• Irregular heartbeat
• Sleep disturbances
• Dry/Brittle & hair breakage
• Itchy dry skin

Standard Testing is Problematic
Countless people are unknowingly suffering from thyroid conditions, because many thyroid issues go undiagnosed due to the lab results giving a false negative. Why? A standard test is taken from the blood, and any abnormality in hormone levels are usually undetectable. For most patients, TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) levels do not rise or show prevalence in the bloodwork even when thyroid dysfunction is prevalent. Standard T3 and T4 testing are too limited, and an in-depth panel is necessary to diagnose the disorder is most cases.

Traditional Medication Issues
The problem that many patients encounter with low-functioning thyroid is that the prescribed medications only make the hormone T4, when the hormone T3 is the one that’s responsible for the majority of the imbalance. When patients are diagnosed and put on a medication, many times, their symptoms don’t get much better, and they still suffer due to the T3 dysfunction.

T3 is the most powerful thyroid hormone, and it controls the pituitary gland, metabolism, energy, protein creation, signaling to the brain’s neuron, and it also controls the body’s sensitivity to other hormones. It’s about four times more effectual than T4. When standard thyroid medications fail to alleviate conditions completely, alternative methods should be implemented.

There are always underlying issues when it comes to inflammation. The three primary factors are trauma, thoughts, and toxins. Stress, environmental pollution, sedentary lifestyles, and poor diet, cause inflammation and leads many people to become affected by illnesses. If the body is continually exposed to toxins and waste, cellular damage will occur. This can exacerbate issues such as neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, and peripheral and central nervous system disorders.
Alternative Methods
Microbiome dysfunction is the primary offender in all inflammatory disorders, including thyroid conditions. The physicians at Millpond Wellness Center custom tailor dietary recommendations, and also advocate specific supplementation and herbal therapies to improve cellular response, thyroid synthesis, and function. They also provide food sensitivity and allergy panels to make each patient’s nutrition plan specific to their needs. For example, if an individual is allergic to egg whites, eliminating them from their diet could do wonders for their systemic function and overall health.

Many medical professionals rely on their out of date training, which tells them to treat a patient’s symptoms. If you’re suffering from high cholesterol, brain fog, weight gain, arthritis, or anxiety, a traditional doctor will most likely put you on a drug or two to “mask” these conditions. The reason that 130 million people in the US have at least one chronic illness is due to the failure to find the root cause of a patient’s disorder(s). Doing in-depth testing, finding the reason(s), and treating the whole person is essential to reversing and minimizing any disorder or disease.

The physicians at Millpond Wellness Center have decades of experience in chiropractic care, as well as alternative medicine, holistic wellness, functional medicine, metabolic testing, and nutritional expertise.

Millpond’s Synergistic Approach
Combined methods are always optimal for inflammatory conditions. At Millpond Wellness Center, their motto is, “We don’t guess—We test.” There are a variety of approaches to healing medical conditions, such as chronic pain and injuries, and at Millpond Wellness Center, they find healthier alternatives to pharmaceutical medicine. If you’re ready to end your persistent suffering, contact their team today to schedule an appointment and start your healing process

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