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Millpond Wellness Center: We Exist to Transform Lives

Millpond Wellness CenterMillpond Integrative Health and Wellness Center has been serving patients in the Lexington community since 2012. Offering chiropractic and alternative wellness services, the Millpond team keeps two fundamentals always at top of mind: personal health and easy mobility.

The team at Millpond – Justin Pearce, D.C., Shannyn Pearce, D.C., and Donald Miller, D.C. – uses the “Three T” method to get to the root of our patients’ symptoms: trauma, thoughts and toxins. By keeping these three things in mind, the team can assist in finding a healing process for each individual.

When you walk into Millpond Integrative Health and Wellness Center, you immediately recognize that this is a different place, not a traditional medical office. Something better. You can see it in the passion and purpose of the staff and providers in the office, in their commitment and connection with their patients.

Follow Millpond on Facebook and you quickly come to realize that Millpond is more than a place of work for Drs. Justin Pearce, Shannyn Pearce, and Donald Miller. It is a passion. A calling. A lifetime commitment. And they are more than colleagues. Drs. Pearce and Miller are messengers, delivering hope and help to those who are struggling.

Justin Pearce, D.C., earned his doctorate in chiropractic medicine, from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, Calif. A native of Lubbock, Texas, Dr. Pearce is a fiercely loyal Dallas Cowboys fan. He holds certification in nutrition and metabolic testing, allowing him to successfully assess dietary needs and impediments that may be impacting his patients’ health. As a managing partner and founder of Millpond Wellness Center, his passion is providing care for the many patients who enter the Center.

A native of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Shannyn Pearce, D.C., earned her doctorate in chiropractic medicine from Life Chiropractic College West. It was during this period that Shannyn and Justin met. After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia at a young age, Dr. Shannyn discovered the difference chiropractic care made for her own body and how it could help others. She is a managing partner and co-owner of Millpond.

Donald Miller, D.C., grew up in San Francisco, Calif., grew up with chiropractic care as part of his upbringing. He also earned his degree from Life Chiropractic College West. Dr. Miller’s passion for the chiropractic philosophy grew and after seeing the intense disease process of Type 2 Diabetes and how it negatively affected his patients, Dr. Miller began post-graduate studies in functional medicine. He is committed to bringing healing to all those suffering and seeking a holistic approach to living life at optimal health.

How did Millpond come to be?
Although the Pearces were a few years ahead of Miller in college, they all knew each other in school. None of them knew anyone in Lexington, but as Dr. Shannyn explains, after she and Dr. Justin graduated, they took a road trip across the country. “We had no idea of where we wanted to practice.” One of the cities they stopped in was Lexington. “I tell everyone it was the waitress at the Cracker Barrel sold it for us,” Dr. Shannyn said.

“She was just going on about how much people here love the Cats and basketball and it’s a family place.”

The couple spent the next two years in Florida, trying to get back to Lexington, which they did in 2012. The Pearces established their practice, unaware that Miller had settled upon Lexington, too. One day, Miller stopped in the practice.

“When I came here, I just loved the environment,” Miller said. “The Pearces are such awesome people. They really became family to us.” Miller has been with Millpond Integrative Health and Wellness for three years now – and he’s loved every moment. “We’re able to help so many people with so many different conditions.”

The Mission
Millpond’s mission statement says it all: “We exist to transform lives.”  But it’s more than a mission statement. It’s a way of life. “We’ve all had individual struggles with our health,” Dr. Shannyn said. “Our office now is different than how we first started. We’ve evolved and added a lot of different pieces.” These different pieces – treatments, testing and holistic health strategies – arose out of personal necessity.

“We just realized that there is such a gap in healthcare for wellness care, for what you do prevent chronic illness and when you’re sick, how to get well that doesn’t have to be medications, surgery and all those other options.” Millpond is about educating people on how to live healthy, vibrant lives. “Not to just fall into the norm of drugs and medications and get sick as you age,” she said.

“In the profession that we’re in you have to be tough,” Dr. Miller said. “You have to be willing to tell people what they haven’t heard before. Everything we do, the type of testing that we do the type of treatment that we do, it goes against everything you’ve been brainwashed to think is true.”

It was Dr. Shannyn’s own health challenges with fibromyalgia that caused them to start looking for something different. “I would have lived the rest of my life suffering and in pain,” Dr. Shannyn said. “And I felt that way for just a few years. When patients walk into my office suffering for 20 years feeling the same way I felt for just a few years … I can’t imagine wasting life like that.”

Millpond Integrative Health & Wellness provides care for a wide range of problems, including:
• Accidents and Injuries
• Auto Immune Disorders
• Chiropractic Issues, including ankle, back, food,
hip, knee and shoulder pain
• Cholesterol Issues
• Crohn’s Disease
• Depression and Mood Disorders
• Diabetes
• Fibromyalgia
• Hormones
• IBD – Irritable Bowel Disease
• Inflammation
• Leaky Gut
• Low Libido
• Neuropathy
• Thyroid Disorders

Learn more about how Millpond Integrative Health and Wellness Center can help you find healthier alternatives to pharmaceutical medicine. Call the office at (859) 216-0617. Millpond Integrative Health and Wellness Center is located at 3650 Boston Road, Suite 188, Lexington.


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