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Love is in The Air: Isn’t it Time You Loved Where You Live?

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Love is in The Air: Isn’t it Time You Loved Where You Live?Deciding to transition into a senior community, independent or assisted living can be confusing. But as individuals age, many seniors experience physical limitations or find it tasking to remain on top of things like yard work, shopping, cooking, and home upkeep. In some cases, they miss the socialization with others after the passing of a spouse. Choosing to relocate into a senior living community is the optimal decision for countless individuals. In many cases, couples prefer to transition into a senior community that is independent but offers state-of-the-art amenities and convenience as they age. That’s where Highgrove and Ashton Grov\e surpass their peers because they offer phases to make those transitions easy and enjoyable for all of their residents.

You Have Options
Highgrove and Ashton Grove Senior communities are committed to enriching the lives of each resident by providing personalized care, welcoming living spaces, remarkable amenities, and personalized services within the phases of living arrangements that many senior communities fail to offer. These phases are made up of three distinct levels, independent living (highly-sought-after cottages), assisted living, and memory care facilities.

What Exactly is Independent Living?
At Highgrove and Ashton Grove, their independent living is for seniors who are able to live on their own in one of the charming cottages on site, because they desire the conveniences of living within a community that provides top of the line amenities and services, such as landscaping, social activities, chef-inspired dining, transportation, and security within a community that feels like family. The independent cottages are where many individuals and couples begin their journey, and if they ever need to transition into the assisted living or memory care facility, it is conveniently located within the same comfortable and family-oriented community.

Highgrove and Ashton Grove’s senior living commitment and expertise are to help residents thrive in a vibrant environment through socialization, personalized care, comfortable and inviting living spaces, numerous amenities, and incomparable services for the aging population.

Highgrove & Ashton Grove Senior Living
Experience maintenance-free living in your private residence and as part of a lovely, secure community. Stay close to friends and a host of social, recreational, spiritual, and educational activities. The Highgrove and Ashton Grove communities were designed to be resort-like, with a professionally trained chef, fine dining experiences, salon services, social events, housekeeping, and more. Each residence is equipped with a mobile emergency response system.\

If you’re moving into an independent cottage, the staff will ensure the movers place everything in the correct area and leave everything else in your capable hands. If you are moving into an Assisted Living or Memory Care apartments, they will assist you in setting up your new residence as needed and feeling comfortable in your new surroundings.

You’ll Feel Right at Home
Highgrove and Ashton Grove will do everything in their power to give you a warm welcome, including introducing all of their staff members, encouraging visits from other residents, inviting you to social events, and more. Your family and friends are always welcome and will quickly become a part of the community as well.

The Cottages: What’s Included?
• Home maintenance
• Yard work
• Snow removal
• Trash removal
• All utilities
• Transportation
• Restaurant-style dining
• Social and recreational activities
• Emergency pendant

Nearby Conveniences
People of all ages want to live near conveniences; this is especially true for the aging population. That is why Highgrove and Ashton Grove are located close to shopping centers, markets, restaurants, medical facilities, and pharmacies. But you don’t have to worry about leaving on your own; if it suits you best, you can take the community transportation if you desire. And many residents find the cottages and the conveniences within the resort-like campus more than enough for the majority of the time.

Love Where You Live
If you are looking for comfort, care, and the good things in life, you should tour the cottages at Highgrove and Ashton Grove. Residents enjoy a vibrant social life, gracious amenities, comfortable and secure surroundings, restaurant-style dining, professional caregivers, and as little or as much assistance as they desire over time.

Leave behind grass mowing, snow shoveling, and meal planning to join friends for fun and uplifting activities on-site and nearby.

What Residents Want You to Know
“We fell in love with the appearance of Ashton Grove during its construction stage. After meeting with Davonna and Melissa several times, we were sold on the idea of the independent cottage concept. We felt that it would be a great situation for us, especially at our ages. We are so pleased with our new cottage and the care and attention we have received. We are home!!! We are so looking forward to becoming a member of the Ashton Grove family. We hope to be here for a very long time.”—Jim & Danna Hoffmaster

“There came a time where I just couldn’t maintain our home the way I used to; I couldn’t climb up on the roof anymore or crawl under the house to take care of things. That’s when we decided it was time to move somewhere where we didn’t have to worry about anything! Initially, we chose apartment-style living; we had balconies, private garden areas, a pool, but even with all these things, we just missed our home. It just didn’t feel like the right fit. We discovered the cottages at Highgrove, and we knew this could really work out for us. Of course, we were not eager to move again, but we knew it would be worth it. Robin, with Southern Concierge, really made the move so much smoother than we ever expected. Coming from a home, to apartment-style living, to our cottage, has given us a chance to experience the many different options that an independent living lifestyle offers. Through the experiences we have had, it has given us an even greater appreciation for our cottage. Having a yard, a garage, a front porch all without having to worry about anything is just what we were looking for. We don’t even have to change a light bulb if we don’t want to! This is our home, and we love it here. We would recommend the cottages to anyone.”—Don & Jenny Thomas

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Lexington, KY 40515
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Ashtongrove Senior Living
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