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Highgrove Residents Love Where They Live! You Can, Too!

Highgrove Residents Love Where They Live! You Can, Too! Highgrove at Tates Creek, one of the newest retirement communities in Lexington, is devoted to providing the absolute best community for our residents. Highgrove is committed to helping young people achieve their dreams, too! Late last year, Highgrove, which offers independent living cottages, assisted living and memory care, held a scholarship contest for area college students, who had the opportunity to meet a Highgrove resident and write an essay about their lives.

Their mission was to write an essay of 750 words or less, exploring the residents’ life stories, how they’ve met the challenges of aging, and what they love about living at Highgrove.

“We received so many awesome applications,” said Davonna Saier, Community Relations Director for Highgrove at Tates Creek. “We were blown away by the way the applicants handled their assignments, how much they got out of the experience, and how much it meant to our residents.”

The selection committee is still mulling over all of the wonderful submissions, Saier said, with an announcement expected later this month or in early March. The winner will receive a $2,500 one-time, non-renewable scholarship. This month, we’ll share excerpts from just a few of the applications. Stay tuned next month – we have more to share!

Alex, a doctoral student at the University of Kentucky, interviewed Highgrove resident Maxine McGuire, whose late husband was Don McGuire, a member of the music group The Hilltoppers. Miss Maxine moved to Highgrove in 2018, shortly after Don passed away. She has wonderful memories of supporting Don in his pursuits, raising their three children, and building a life together. “Those things may not be considered glamorous or exciting to some, but the roles she played added immeasurable value to the lives of her family members.”

At Highgrove, Miss Maxine enjoys her staff and new neighbors, but the biggest selling point is that Highgrove is pet-friendly. Her little Gracie brings her so much joy she couldn’t imagine life without her.

Caroline, an undergraduate student at UK, interviewed Wanda Brown, who still carries the remnants of her Arkansas accent. Miss Wanda shared stories of her early years, of working in a savings and loan and real estate company, a dry cleaner, and of when she first spied the ’55 blue Ford driven by the man who would become her husband, Daniel Brown. In 1967, the couple had their only child, a daughter named Teresa. It was Teresa who eventually moved to Lexington and, in the mid-2000s, Wanda and Daniel followed. They enjoyed life in a ranch style home till Daniel passed away in November 2017. Wanda came to Highgrove in 2018 and found a community, a people and a home.

Anna, a graduate student at Eastern Kentucky University, talked with Highgrove resident Sarah McCrady, who moved to Highgrove after a fall at home. Her search for a more supportive and safer place to live brought her to Highgrove. There she found activities to suit her interests (the bookmobile visits regularly, she walks when the weather is fair, and rides the bike in the exercise room when it’s not). “With Miss McCrady, my soul experienced a peace and appreciation for the life behind me and in front of me in ways that are difficult to replicate. Her warmth, generosity and wisdom were felt in the most genuine ways.”

Thomas, a graduate student at Eastern Kentucky University, interviewed Albert “Lynn” Stone, a hard worker, good friend, loving husband and compassionate father. Mr. Lynn grew up in Long Beach, Calif., the son of a Ford lineman and a school cafeteria worker. He dreamed of becoming a baseball player and, in 19146, he played three years in the minor leagues in Wisconsin, Arizona, California and Texas. But it became apparent that minor league paychecks wouldn’t support a family, and Mr. Lynn joined the U.S. Coast Guard. From there, he found his way into the horse racing industry, eventually moving to the Hialeah track in Florida. Churchill Downs called, and soon Mr. Lynn was in Louisville. He’s been at Highgrove for about six months and enjoys his new home.

Karah, a graduate student at UK, spent time with Marvin. Dr. Marvin holds a Ph.D. in chemistry and worked at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory conducting advanced scientific research. Throughout his career, Dr. Marvin kept his mind sharp and active. After he retired in 2000, he realized his mind was not being challenged in quite the same way as when he was working. Aging has forced Marvin to pay closer attention to and challenge his mind more. Dr. Marvin accesses UK’s library to keep up on physical chemistry research and enjoys using his personal computer to stay connected. At Highgrove, he no longer has to clean or pick up after himself and his meals are prepared for him – two significant advantages. He also enjoys the daily Happy Hour and plans to make the most of his retirement at Highgrove.

Lauren, an undergraduate at Centre College, spoke with Highgrove resident Doris Hendeles. “My life maybe wasn’t exactly what I wanted it to be. But life is not totally easy, it just happens,” Mrs. Hendeles warned Lauren at the beginning of their conversation. Miss Doris was raised by her aunt, who he lived with until college. During her sophomore year, her aunt fell ill with cancer. Miss Doris dropped out of school, got a job and earned money to help pay for her aunt’s treatment. A co-worker introduced Miss Doris to her brother, who she ultimately married. Miss Doris continued to work, saving all of the money she could, which ultimately allowed their two children to attend college. At age 86, Miss Doris still wants to do more. “I’ve learned, I can do, and I can help.”

Yi is a doctoral candidate at UK and interviewed resident Nancy Schaub. Miss Nancy was born in Cleveland and educated at Miami University of Ohio. Together with her husband, she raised six children and found time to travel and work as a travel agent. A major challenge came when her husband was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD. As his disease progressed, he became less active and life became more difficult for Nancy. In July 2017, the couple moved to Highgrove, where they both received the support each needed to live a happy and safe life. In September, Mr. Schaub passed away, and the people at Highgrove were there for her. “For me, it was sort of a blessing that I was here, because the transition is much simpler. Having friends here and not having a house to go home to – you know, an empty house.”

As the scholarship applicants found, Highgrove at Tates Creek is a beautiful, comfortable, safe, and serene place for seniors. Want to know more about how Highgrove might fit you’re your future plans … or the plans of someone you love? Call (859) 245-0100 today to schedule a free, no-obligation tour.

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