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Have you Lost Your Confidence Due to Hair Loss?

Perhaps You Want Longer More Voluminous Hair—Now it’s Easy to Volumize Your Locks with a Natural Alternative

Have you Lost Your Confidence Due to Hair LossHair loss can be caused by several different factors, age, hormonal imbalance, alopecia, cancer treatments, family history, and various other disorders. No matter what the cause of the thinning hair, for many individuals dealing with the loss of hair can be traumatic and devastating.

A Natural hair Extension Option
Long gone are the days of glue and numerous tracks of hair extensions that pull and tug on your natural hair. If you’ve ever thought about getting hair extensions due to volume or hair loss or the inability to grow your hair to longer lengths, a new extension that is beaded and sewn into the hair is available at Blown Away Salon and Spa by owner and master stylist, Carrie Stephens. She is NBR (natural beaded row) certified, and her clients sing her praises for giving them natural looking hair that lasts with minimal effort. NBR offers the least damaging and most comfortable version of hair extensions possible.

Here’s how NBR works
Utilizing a track around the crown of the head the NBR rows are placed in the hair by creating a bead and string technique that is unique to NBR. Wefts of hair are placed on the beaded track and sewn in. Many people only need one or two tracks, which is much less than typical hair extensions. With traditional glued or taped in extensions, many people get 100 wefts of hair, which can cause damage, scalp irritations and itch. The NBR extensions can be trimmed, cut, dyed, and styled to create a very natural feel and look.

They only need to be removed and reattached every six to eight weeks. Many people say they can’t feel the difference between the NBR extensions and their natural hair. You can also wash, blow dry and style as usual!

Benefits of NBR
• Your natural hair will still grow
• No messy glue or tape is needed
• Feels lightweight
• Much less damage
• Feels and looks completely natural

Blown Away Salon and Spa
430 Ogden St Suite 3, Somerset, KY 42501
(606) 679-1119

Please visit Carrie’s Instagram business page for more details and before and after inspirational photos:

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