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Halotherapy Eases Respiratory Issues, Supports Immune System

Halotherapy Eases Respiratory  Issues, Supports Immune System Have you been looking for a complementary therapy option for your respiratory ailments, but not sure what is available? Do you currently experience asthma or allergy symptoms, sinus or ear infections, cold and flu symptoms, bronchitis, chronic cough, COPD, psoriasis, or eczema?

Let us introduce you to Halotherapy at the Bluegrass Salt Room. Halotherapy is a drug free, safe, and all-natural breathing therapy to support the body’s natural defense system. A halogenerator disperses a salt aerosol into the air, which simulates the salted microclimate of the ancient European salt caves. Throughout a 45-minute session the inhalation of the ionized air benefits the lungs, sinuses, and skin.

Dry Salt Therapy Room: What to expect
Upon entering the Salt Room, you will find yourself surrounded by 15,000 pounds of beautiful pink Himalayan crystal salt covering the walls and floor. As the lights dim, you can lounge back in one of our zero gravity chairs and listen to sweet, serene background music to help you relax. Using the technology of a dry salt aerosol generator, an ultra-fine salt micro-particle is delivered into the Salt Room, replicating the therapeutic breathing environment found in European salt caves. The salt concentration levels during each session are monitored and adjusted based on the specific needs of the people inside the Salt Room. These controlled parameters provide an ideal breathing environment free of bacteria, dust, and allergens.

Dry salt therapy and breathing
With each relaxing breath, inhalation of the dry salt micro-particles found inside the Salt Room provides antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Inhaling these particles also aids in the thinning of unnaturally thick and sticky mucus. The importance of sinus and respiratory health is rising with the increase in daily exposure to environmental pollutants, allergens, airborne diseases, and toxins. These irritants may decrease lung volume and obstruct airways when they become trapped. Halotherapy aids in restoring the normal transport of mucus secretion and assists in reducing inflammation in the airway passages to clear and calm an agitated respiratory tract. A series of salt therapy sessions may lead to better lung function, fewer spasmodic attacks, and a strengthened immune system.

Dry salt therapy and skin
The dry salt micro-particles inside the Salt Room that are not been inhaled fall onto the skin, which enhances microcirculation and alleviates itching sensations. The salt also provides pH normalization, stimulates reparative and regenerative processes, increases skin rigidity, and assists in cellular membrane activity. The anti-inflammatory property from the salt provides relief from swelling to reduce discomfort associated with lesions, scales, and inflamed tissues. The larger salt particles work to absorb any bacterial and foreign substances, while the smaller salt particles can reach beneath the skin’s surface and absorb moisture toward the skin. Salt therapy is commonly used for eczema, psoriasis, acne, rashes, and dry skin.

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy
When it comes to detoxification, there are plenty of methods available to choose from. If you are looking for a simple, enjoyable, and safe way to boost metabolism, cleanse the skin, as well as sooth, stimulate, and detoxify the body, then Far Infrared Sauna Therapy is for you. Using light to create heat, a Far Infrared Sauna gently warms the body and raises core body temperature to produce a therapeutic sweat. The sweating process helps the body eliminate heavy metals and toxins, and cleanses the pores of accumulated dirt and dry skin cells. An increase in blood flow and circulation supplies the body with the conditioning benefits of exercise. It also assists the body in killing bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses. Additionally, it supports the immune system, relaxes muscles, and relieves tension, which gives you the ability to unwind and de-stress.

For more information on how to incorporate the natural anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties of salt into your health routine this year, please call Bluegrass Salt Room at (859) 425-1111 or visit our website at

Bluegrass Salt Room is conveniently located in Brannon Crossing, 239 E. Brannon Road, Nicholasville.

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