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Free Workshop – arm women with tools, confidence for personal protection

Pamela McGlone

arm women with tools, confidence for personal protection Sending a child off to college can be frightening: Will they remember the lessons you taught them? Will they make good choices in friends and acquaintances? Are they ready to stand up for themselves and others? Have they learned the skills they need to be physically safe?
Pam McGlone has helped hundreds of families ensure that their children (daughters and sons) are ready to protect themselves at college. As an independent consultant with Damsel in Defense, McGlone sees her business as a service… not just a direct-selling opportunity.

A Damsel Pro, McGlone offers Empower Hours and Warrior Workshops to women throughout the region, helping them to be prepared should they be physically threatened. Her enthusiasm and passion for Damsel in Defense is contagious.

Since its founding in 2011, Damsel in Defense has quickly grown into a direct sales phenomenon with more than 25,000 independent Damsel Pros nationwide. A quick look at some FBI statistics demonstrate the need for Damsel In Defense. According to the FBI…
. A violent crime happens every 26 seconds;
. 1 in 5 women are survivors of rape;
. 1 in 3 women experience domestic violence
from their partners;
. And college-aged women are four times more
likely to be assaulted than other women.

Although no one likes to think about these troubling statistics, burying one’s head in the sand is not the answer. Through hands-on demonstrations like the Empower Hour, McGlone educates women about personal safety, and offers equipment and techniques they can use to protect themselves.

McGlone helps women to develop a warrior mindset by teaching them to be situationally aware; level the playing field by layering their protection; and to have a plan to protect themselves before the need arises.

“Often times when a person gets caught in a hostile situation, they become so overcome with fear and anxiety that they become paralyzed,” McGlone said. “We call this ‘condition black.’ They realize bad things are happening but aren’t able to react or do anything about it.”

“As kids, we are taught to ‘stop, drop and roll’ if we are ever in a fire,” McGlone noted. “However, when I ask clients what they would do if they are approached by an attacker, the responses are uncertain and across the board.”

At a Damsel workshop, participants practice repetitive drills to develop muscle memory. Exercises might include unlocking and aiming pepper sprays and firing stun guns. Not only are participants told what to do – they are given the opportunity to practice.

For more information, or to schedule a Damsel in Defense Empower Hour, contact McGlone at (606) 584-7385; by email to pammcglone@yahoo.com; on the web at mydamselpro.net/pamm; or on Facebook.

Stylish, functional, female-friendly
It can be difficult to find stylish, functional and female-friendly self-defense products. But not if you know Pam McGlone, a Damsel Pro with Damsel in Defense.

As part of its mission to Equip, Empower and Educate women to protect themselves and their families, Damsel in Defense provides a complete range of self-defense products… and the opportunity to learn about them and trial them first hand.

Women love that the merchandise comes in bright colors, is user-friendly, and not obviously for self-defense purposes. There are stun guns that look like cameras, pepper sprays that are easy to use, concealed-carry purses and even T-shirts that warn potential attackers “Not Today.”

There’s a pen that doubles as a flashlight and a DNA collector. Wallets that protect your credit cards from skimming, emergency roadside tool kits, and the Road Trip Emergency Tool that can break out a car window, cut a seat belt, provide light, and even sound an alarm. The portable entry alarm can provide extra protection in a dorm room or when traveling.

Damsel in Defense also carries educational books and products for children. And yes, there are products for men! Check out the Damsel in Defense website or, better still, call Pam McGlone to set up a free Empower Hour at your home, workplace, group or church!

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