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Learning About Your Healthcare Benefits Can Save You Cash!

Healthcare Benefits

Switch on the evening news on just about any given day and you will see a story about how Americans’ wages have stagnated, even in the face of declining unemployment figures and stable inflation. Social Security recipients will not be getting an increase in 2016, but you can bet there …

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Don’t Accept the Limits of Aging… Fight Back with Marshall Lifestyle Medicine

Don’t Accept the Limits of Aging

Marshall Lifestyle Medicine is a brand new way of thinking about medicine. Our focus is on helping you become your very best self. We know success is not an accident – it is 100 percent by design. At Marshall Lifestyle Medicine, we can help you achieve your health and fitness …

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Family Support is Important for Addicts, Especially During the Holidays

Family Support is Important for Addicts

The holidays usually evoke images of family bliss: —Uncle Joe carving up a big turkey for a traditional family dinner, Aunt Mary bestowing her wonderful gifts, Grandma sharing cherished stories with the children. The reality is that this dreamy scene usually is nothing more than that—a dream. For many families, the …

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Orangetheory Fitness Puts Metabolic Science to Work

Orangetheory Fitness

Nicholas DeMichele was 306 pounds when he joined Orangetheory Fitness in September. By November, he had lost 50 pounds, won $2,500 in a weight loss challenge, and was well on his way to having the energy, stamina and endurance he had always wanted. All because Orangetheory Fitness is different. Way different. …

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UKFCU Can Help You “Wrap Up” Those Christmas Surprises

UKFCU Can Help You

The Christmas season … it is the one time of year that we both love … and fear. There is so much joy. Friends, family, celebrating the birth of Jesus. It is easy to be caught up in the spirit of things and, next thing you know, those January bills …

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His Gift

By Jodi Thomas I was talking with a group of friends back in November, and they all were counting down the days until the Christmas season.   When I mentioned that I didn’t really like Christmas, my words did not compute; it was like I told them I liked to kill …

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Are Bad Teeth Ruining Your Life and Health?

Bad Teeth Ruining Your Life

By Ruth Adkins, D.M.D. It seems obvious that your oral health directly affects your overall physical health, yet about 20 percent of Americans brush only once a day and half do not floss at all. The consequences can be serious: cavities, gingivitis, periodontal disease, infection and tooth loss. Poor oral health …

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What you need to know about the Flu and Shingles Vaccines

Flu and Shingles Vaccines

It’s that time of year again. Flu season begins in the fall and often ends in the spring. Getting a flu vaccine every year is the single best thing you can do to protect yourself and your family. We make it easy to get your flu vaccine. Who should get the …

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Aging With Grace, Aging In Place A Health Club for Seniors

Aging With Grace

Most of us, regardless of our age, aspire to grow old gracefully. In our old age, we want to be healthy, active and loved, to live in our own homes, with our families close by. We want to come and go as we please, with independence and free will. Most …

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Efficient Toxicology Screening Services

Lexar Labs offers substance abuse testing products and services for a multitude of settings such as hospitals, physician offices, criminal justice agencies, workplace, rehabilitation centers, occupational health clinics, and homes. Whether you need point of care testing products, laboratory screening and confirmation, or cutting edge analysis for trends in drug …

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